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Teeccino is a brand of herbal coffee and tea that was established in 1993. The name is a play on the words "tea" and "cappuccino". Teeccino products are made with organic ingredients, including chicory, dandelion, barley, fruits, and nuts. They don't contain artificial flavors, preservatives, or chemicals.
Teeccino was founded by Caroline MacDougall, who previously worked at Republic of Tea developing herbal teas. The company is family-owned and based in Santa Barbara, California.
Teeccino offers a line of roasted herbal teas, which contain 6 grams of herbs per tea bag, which is three times more than a standard tea bag. The company also offers regular flavors, including Java, French Roast, and Dandelion Dark Roast.
Teeccino contains caffeine, so it's recommended that you limit your intake to no more than three cups per day.