The Food Movement - BONELESS BROTH Moringa Miso - 5 oz pouch

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Boneless Broth

Rediscover the taste of Umami with the advent of this wonderful new health drink! Made from organic whole foods, this is a wonderful way to supplement your health with whole body and whole food nutrition.

Lots of us try to add some nutritional benefit to our lives by supplementing with super foods. There are lots of good ones out there; but this new Boneless Broth formula combines three heavy-hitters for a trifecta of souper foods!

Our new formula contains

-freeze-dried organic Red Miso (made from non-GMO soy beans)

-organic Moringa oleifera leaf (known as theMiracle Tree)

-organic Dulse flakes a treasure trove of ocean nutrition in the form of a delicious seaweed that has been called bacon of the sea , for its savory, meaty flavor

What you get is an amazing instant soup mix dietary supplement; that is to say you are getting complete proteins, minerals, antioxidants  and lots of unique constituents like the dipocolonic acid in Miso that makes it a powerful detoxifying food! This is a daily nutritional supplement made 100% from organic food.

And  get ready for this  it contains no sugar.It is naturally savory, full of umami flavor  if you will, and deeply satisfying.  It is a great way to start and end your day, and for anywhere in between.

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