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Why is our Gold StandardåÊ Cacao better?

First of all we have a truly raw and unheated Cacao powder, which retains more of the good fats than many products. Other raw Cacao powders only have a little bit of the natural good fats intact.åÊ In our Gold Standard, not only are the unique fats, as well as increased levels of antioxidants, beneficial to your health - the taste is much richer and creamier.åÊ It is certified organically grown and a great source of naturally clean energy.

Feel great about eating more chocolate!

The Food Movement‰۪s Raw Cacao powder is a nutrient energy boost. Raw Cacao contains beneficial compounds and is a great source of calcium, zinc, copper and potassium.åÊ

Enjoy a guilt free way to add more chocolate toåÊyour diet. Great in smoothies, baked goods and sprinkled on ice cream or fruit.åÊThe nutrient value of raw cacao benefits every function of the body and instantly transforms recipes into a healthy chocolate treat.åÊ

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