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OWYN is a plant-based health and nutrition company that specializes in protein shakes. The company's name stands for "Only What You Need".
OWYN's mission is to provide full transparency into their ingredients and ensure the cleanest formulations that never compromise on taste. Their goal is to challenge the industry to adopt their standards.
OWYN's plant-based shakes use a multi-source protein blend of pea, pumpkin seed, and flaxseeds to include all essential amino acids to promote optimal daily health.
OWYN's shakes are low in added sugar, making them a good choice for anyone managing their blood sugar. They do contain the high-intensity sweetener monk fruit extract, which has a unique sweet flavor that you may or may not like the taste of.
OWYN's Complete Nutrition Shakes are rich in protein, fiber, and 23 vitamins and minerals to keep you full and nourished without loading on calories. Consuming protein after a workout will help speed up the muscle recovery process.