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Protein2o is a brand of protein-infused water that contains 15g of whey protein isolate and no sugar. The brand is based in Chicago and was created to provide a better way to consume water and protein without extra calories. Protein2o's mission is to improve people's lives through good-tasting drinks that promote a healthy, active lifestyle.
Protein2o products are made with 100% whey protein isolate and natural flavors, and are preservative, gluten, and lactose-free. The caffeine in Protein2o Plus Energy is derived from green coffee beans. Protein2o products are available in flavors like Tropical Coconut, Blueberry-Raspberry, and Cherry Lemonade.
Protein2o is owned by a group of beverage, finance, and retail industry leaders, led by CEO/Founder Bob Kral. The company's chairwoman of the board is Sue Wellington, former Gatorade president.