Carlson-Kid's DHA, Lemon, 250 mL

by Carlson
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SKU 088395185007

• Supports healthy brain development and function in kids
• Provides the important omega-3 DHA and vitamins A and D3
• Provides 550 mg of omega-3s per 1/2 teaspoon and 1,100 mg of omega-3s per teaspoon
• Made from premium wild-caught, sustainably-sourced Norwegian cod
• Award-winning lemon flavor
• Freshness, potency, and purity guaranteed
The important omega-3 DHA supports learning and healthy brain function and development in kids. While it's important throughout all stages of life, DHA is especially important during early childhood. Between birth and five years of age, our brain mass increases 3.5 times. During this growth period, it's extremely important for children to get an adequate amount of DHA. Carlson Kid's DHA is a great way to ensure your children receive the high-quality DHA their growing bodies--and brains--need.

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