Carlson-Smart Catch® for Teens, Orange, 100 mL

by Carlson
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• Promotes brain and vision health
• Supports nervous system function
• 1,135 mg of DHA per ½ teaspoonful
• Wild caught and sustainably sourced
• Processed and bottled in Norway for maximum freshness
• Delicious orange flavor
• Freshness, potency, and purity guaranteed
Smart Catch® for Teens in delicious orange flavor provides a highly concentrated dose of 1,135 mg of DHA per ½ teaspoonful to support brain, vision, and nervous system function. DHA is an important omega-3 for teens, and Smart Catch® liquid is an easy way for them to get the daily DHA their growing bodies—and brains—need.

To ensure maximum freshness, Carlson Smart Catch® for Teens is closely managed from sea to store and tested by an FDA-registered laboratory for freshness, potency, and purity. Smart Catch® for Teens is bottled at Carlson Healthy Oils, an eco-friendly, modern facility off the coast of Norway in an area where marine oil production dates back more than 130 years.

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