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  • ESSENTIAL HEART HEALTH - Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) is a substance that can be naturally produced by the body. It is used by the cells, including heart and blood cells, to generate energy and as a powerful antioxidant to combat free radicals and oxidative stress.
  • HIGHLY ABSORBABLE COQ10 - As we age, CoQ10 levels may decrease, so that is why we formulated CoQ10-Plus Optimum Heart Health, a multi-pronged formula for optimum heart health. This unique formula utilizes patented bioperine for enhanced absorption.
  • ADDED OMEGA 3's - Features a wide range of targeted ingredients that support overall heart health including coenzyme Q10, resveratrol and vitamin D3. Also includes fish oil and chia seed oil which supply essential omega 3s.
  • TRADITIONAL BOTANICAL INGREDIENTS - This product also supplies a broad spectrum of botanicals such as Hawthorne berry, ginkgo, cayenne and Gotu kola, that are often found in traditionally used formulas to support cardiovascular health.
  • ADVANCED DELIVERY SYSTEM - The nutrients in these easy-to-swallow liquid softgels are released fast. Other forms of delivery can contain binders and fillers that may cause stomach upset and offer no nutritional value. Our advanced liquid softgels provide an optimum delivery system. To top it off every liquid softgel includes our special Bioperine Complex which enhances the bioavailability, absorption and potency of many nutrients.