Emerita - 100% Natural Cotton Pantyliners | Classic Contour | Chlorine Free & Unscented | Breathable & Comfortable 30 ct

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  • Light Flow: Perfect for daily use, light days, or as a tampon backup; wide adhesive for secure fit
  • Emerita Quality: 100% natural cotton is breathable, absorbent & comfortable for your delicate parts
  • Classic Contour Design: Pantyliners are made with a soft, breathable coversheet and absorbent core
  • Gently Strong: No cellulose wood-pulp filler, plastic coversheets or polymer additives
  • Customers Say: My skin is very sensitive, but no irritation from this brand


You wouldn't wear plastic underwear. So why choose a pad that's not 100% natural, breathable cotton?

Emerita® Classic Contour Pantyliners are soft, absorbent and perfect for light days or tampon backup. We designed them from a women’s health perspective, so they feature 100% natural cotton coversheet and core—no superabsorbent polymers, no cellulose wood-pulp fibers, chemical fragrances or any other additives.  And the cotton we use is cleansed with a mild hydrogen peroxide solution, so our pads and pantyliners are chlorine-free, as well.

Cotton is a great, natural fiber. It’s inherently fluffy and absorbent and requires minimal chemical processing. Because cotton is naturally white, it does not require chemical bleaching for whitening. It doesn’t require chemical processing to remake it into some other kind of fiber. Cotton is simply cotton.

We offer a range of pad and pantyliner products—for light, moderate and heavy flow—all featuring 100% natural cotton coversheets and core. 

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