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  • FREE RADICAL PROTECTION - The best way to maintain healthy skin, hair and nails is to protect them from damage. Bioflavonoids possess antioxidant qualities to protect the cells from free radicals that are created by the sun and environmental pollution.
  • STRONG CONNECTIVE TISSUE SUPPORT - Horsetail is a nutritive plant full of important minerals, and is standardized to supply 11.2 mg silica per dose!
  • NAIL STRENGTH - Biotin is an essential vitamin that improves the strength and luster of brittle nails.
  • COLLAGEN RESTORATION - A special blend of vitamins and minerals provide the ingredients necessary to build and protect connective tissue. Proline and lysine are two key elements of collagen structure.
  • FEEL GOOD FROM THE INSIDE OUT - Taking steps to improve skin, hair and nail health can not only improve the way you look but enhance the way you feel.