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  • Awaken and Activate: MycoBrew Coffee is an energizing blend of organic Lion’s Mane mushroom mycelium and 100% Arabica instant coffee. This coffee is the perfect upgrade to your morning routine or a revitalizing midday respite. Enjoy hot or cold!
  • Each MycoBrew Coffee box contains 10 single-serve drink mix packets. 1,400mg Lion’s Mane per serving.
  • The materials matter: We use ecologically responsible packaging materials designed to minimize our overall footprint. Our boxes are made with recycled paper, printed with vegetable-based ink, and are recyclable.
  • #1 Host Defense is the best selling mushroom brand in the US: Founded by renowned mycologist Paul Stamets with the goal of building a bridge between people and fungi.
  • Our continued mission is to explore, study, preserve, and spread knowledge about the use of fungi for helping people & planet.

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