HybridCR Rapid Immune Defense by Hybrid Remedies | Pharmacist Formulated Natural Herbal Formula to Support Immune Response | Gluten-Free Natural Cold Remedy | 30 Capsules

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Rapid Immune Defense is a fast, effective immune defense in an easy-to-take 4-day dose for a fast and convenient response. Each dose of natural standardized ingredients works to decrease severity and shorten the duration of seasonal immune stressors. Hybrid CR was formulated by a pharmacist trained in immunology, to find the most effective combination of natural ingredients to support the immune function for a quick response. A proprietary blend that supports all the immune functions ensuring a fast, effective response. Hybrid CR has Non-GMO ingredients, is gluten free and made in the USA. Hybrid CR takes the guess work out of supporting immune health by nourishing all three (innate, adaptive and inflammation response) of your immune system’s protective mechanisms, ensuring a fast, effective immune response. 1) Innate immune functions recognize and respond to immune threats quickly. 2) Adaptive immune functions build your immune smarts and increase resilience over time 3) Healthy inflammation responses keep the body on alert for as long as it’s needed, but then encourage a return to a calm state afterwards

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