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Liver Detox & Blood Refresh™ from Irwin Naturals assists the body with fighting the accumulation of unwanted substances that result from lifestyle and environmental factors. The formula provides powerful liver support along with traditional botanicals that support blood health.

Milk thistle extract delivers more than 240 mg per day of silymarin from 540 mg of milk thistle extract for optimal liver support. Dandelion root, garlic extract and turmeric have been historically used to support liver health while also delivering antioxidant protection.

Burdock root, red clover and cayenne have long histories of being used for blood health. Echinacea is traditionally used to support immune health and as a lymph stimulator, both essential components to whole-body cleansing.

Liver Detox & Blood Refresh™ also features a range of targeted nutrients such as magnesium, vitamin C, zinc and selenium that support detoxification pathways. Use daily, or on an as needed basis for whole body cleansing when you need it the most.

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