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Natural Factors SEVEN DAY Total Nutritional Cleansing Program is a revolutionary 2-Step healing foods program, scientifically formulated to provide gastrointestinal healing and complete nutritional support for your body as it goes through the detoxification process.

Step 1: 
RevitalX allows you to rest, heal and rejuvenate the gut, getting rid of internally generated toxins and paving the way for powerful detoxification using Detoxitech. People who suffer from poor digestion may have leaky gut syndrome, and experience a wide range of health problems such as food intolerances, fatigue and mental exhaustion. RevitalX supports the digestive system and heals the gastrointestinal tract, giving the body relief from toxic stress.

Step 2: 
In Step 2, Detoxitech is used to thoroughly but gently cleanse. It is designed to fully support every process used by the body to transport, detoxify and excrete heavy metals and other toxic substances from the body.

Colon Support & Liver Support
Included in the program are 7 supplement packets, one to be used each day, containing two Colon Support tablets and three Liver Support capsules.Colon Support tablets help clear the colon of toxins that can accumulate and Liver Support capsules assist the liver’s detoxification action.

After completing the Seven Day program most people should expect to feel energized, have a sense of well being, have shed some pounds and will have taken vital steps toward insuring good health!

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