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With Just A Few Drops, Skin, Hair, Nails, And Joints Will Regain Their Luster
Collagen, keratin, and elastin are what make a person's skin glow, hair vibrant, nails sturdy, and joints flexible. When you notice that the skin has become dry, hair is falling, nails are cracking, and there are aches in the joint areas after physical activity, then that might be to the low supply among these three in the body. If any one of these is your concerns, you might want to check out BioSil's ch-OSA Advanced Collagen Generator. With its active ingredient Ch-OSA, that is scientifically proven to activate the dormant collagen-producing cells (most probably because of aging), there's a strong chance of gaining back that youthful skin, lustrous hair, fine nails and strong, agile joints with just a few drops on your favorite juice drink.

    May Prevent Osteoporosis
    This disease is caused by damage to bone mass density. That happens because of age, heredity, and lifestyle choices. But, silicon, which is an active ingredient of this collagen generator, can possibly prevent that from happening. Silicon functions as a stimulant to collagen production and thus protects the bones when in the process called remodeling where the bones heal themselves after wear and tear, a process that no longer works as much as it used to over time.

    Possibly Lowers Cholesterol
    Too much cholesterol in the body makes one susceptible to a number of health issues including the possibility of a stroke or a heart attack. But if one produces enough collagen, it could reduce the plaque that is clogging in the arteries and then significantly lower cholesterol, steering you away from cardiac problems in the future.

    Can Protect The Stomach And Prevent Aluminum Toxicity
    Because vinpocetine increases the distribution of Oxygen to the brain, it promotes a lot of health advantages. It can support healthy cognitive function by improving memory, focus, and mental energy. It is also found to have antioxidant properties thus it can protect the brain from the possible damage caused by free radicals. In fact, different human studies on vinpocetine noted that elderly individuals who are given this supplement showed a stark increase in their cognitive function. It is also used in treating or halting the progression of different conditions such as ischemic stroke, dementia, memory problems, cognitive decline and many others.

    For Over-All Health
    The suggested serving for this collagen supplement is that one has to mix it with juice. Aside from the vitamins that juice from fruits or vegetables has which can enable absorption to be faster and thus generate collagen more quickly, these same vitamins and minerals can also augment one's overall health, including the strengthening of the immune system.

    Oral Supplement Much More Effective Than Topical Collagen
    There are a number of beauty products out there that contains collagen-building ingredients. But scientists themselves can say that if one desires to seek improvement on the skin, then the better collagen choice is one that is taken orally and not just applied superficially. Only oral supplements like BioSil's collagen generator can penetrate the skin on a cellular level.

    Natural Factors BioSil ch-OSA Advanced Collagen Generator is ideal for hair, skin, and nails. BioSil ch-OSA Advanced Collagen Generator reduced fine lines and wrinkles. BioSil ch-OSA Advanced Collagen Generator thickens and strengthens hair. BioSil ch-OSA Advanced Collagen Generator also strengthens nails. BioSil ch-OSA Advanced Collagen Generator promotes healthy bones and joints. Nourish your body's 3 "beauty proteins" - naturally with BioSil ch-OSA Advanced Collagen Generator! The condition of your skin, hair, and nails depends on three proteins:

    • Collagen - "plumps out" skin, removing wrinkles and preventing them from forming. In addition, collagen is essential for strong, healthy bones and joints.
    • Keratin - is the protein that's packed into your hair shaft. It gives your hair thickness, body, strength, and elasticity. Plus, keratin gives your nails strength.
    • Elastin - gives your skin its ability to stretch and "bounce back" preventing fine lines and wrinkles.

    With age, collagen, keratin and elastin decline.

    BioSil's Rejuvenating Collagen Generators
    Collagen gives structural support to the entire human body, especially hair, skin, nails, joints and bones. But starting at age 21, collagen diminishes by 1% per year. By age 30, the signs become visible and measurable. BioSil's patented collagen generators are clinically proven to thicken and strengthen hair, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, increase skin elasticity, strengthen nails, increase bone mineral density at the hip region, and increase formation of “bone-cushioning” collagen. It's important to note that BioSil is not made out of collagen, it generates collagen by switching on the body's own collagen producing cells. Naturally. Safely.

    The Breakthrough in Collagen!
    Collagen is essential for beautiful skin, hair and nails as well as healthy bones and joints.  For years, scientists searched for a method to give the human body the ability to regenerate its own collagen. But it took BioSil's landmark discovery of ch-OSA to make it a reality. Its capacity to generate collagen with your own DNA fingerprint makes ch-OSA the genuine breakthrough in collagen.

    BioSil Hair Skin Nails, with clinically proven ch-OSA is specifically formulated to help nourish your body's 3 beauty proteins and restore them to more youthful levels.

    Clinically Proven

    • Reduces Fine Lines and Wrinkles by 19%
    • Thickens and Strengthens Hair
    • Creates Stronger More Break Resistant Nails
    • Helps Increase Bone Mineral Density 200% over TCR
    • Safe - Effective - Natural

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