Natural Factors-BioSil® Bone Collagenizer® Ultra 40 VCAP

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Collagen is crucial to your bone health. Collagen provides the "binding sites" for calcium and other bone minerals. When bone collagen diminishes, bone mineral density decreases. In addition, collagen gives bones the vital flexibility they need. New bone research reveals that collagen, in conjunction with deposited calcium, gives bones their ability to withstand physical stress, as with sudden impact. Unlike calcium that you can ingest and receive the benefits, you cannot "eat" collagen expecting to add collagen to you bones. The key is stimulating the cells that naturally generate bone collagen, called osteoblasts. BioSil®'s new Bone Collagenizer Matrix™ is clinically proven to increase bone collagen formation (BCF), and increase bone mineral density (BMD) at the critical hip region, in women already taking 1000 mg of calcium and 800 IU of vitamin D daily. BioSil Bone Collagenizer Matrix helps you create the ideal condition for your bones. With ch-OSA® advanced collagen generator
• Clinically Proven to Increase Bone Mineral Density (BMD)
• Increases Formation of "Bone-Cushioning" Collagen
• Increases Bone Calcium Binding Sites
• Promotes Bone Flexibility

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