Natural Factors-GrapeSeedRich® 100 mg 95% Polyphenols 120 VCAP

SKU 068958045405
About the product
  • GRAPE-LY BENEFICIAL: Enjoy the far-reaching antioxidant benefits of grape seed extract in a convenient and effective form.
  • POWER OF ONE HUNDRED: Our formula contains a non-GMO extract harnessing the power of 100 grams of grape seed for every gram.
  • KEEP THE FLOW: Grape seed extract supports stronger, more flexible blood vessels and capillary walls for healthier circulation.
  • CAPILLARY TO CORNEA: Antioxidants that support the blood vessels also benefit eye health and, as they circulate, collect in the cornea and retina.
  • OUR PRIVILEGE, OUR PASSION: Natural Factors is in business to sustainably contribute to the lives of our customers and communities we serve.

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