Natural Factors-PGX® Daily Singles 30 PACK

SKU 068958035703

These PGX granules mix easily and dissolve into food and beverages. Sprinkle on cereal, soups, yogurt or salads, or just add water for an convenient way to get your PGX. PGX is a patented super fiber complex made up of 100% natural, highly viscous polysaccharides. When taken with meals, PGX expands in the stomach over a 30-minute (or longer) timeframe. This process creates a feeling of fullness (satiety) by absorbing water and filling the stomach while slowing digestion. This keeps blood sugar from rising too high after meals thereby curbing the body's hunger cravings throughout the day. Ongoing research and development involving PGX has led to the PGX Daily Ultra Matrix softgel: an advanced delivery system for superior results. This matrix, when combined with stomach acid, disperses better than any other tested delivery system for soluble or insoluble fiber.

  • Helps to normalize blood sugar levels
  • Lowers the glycemic index of meals
  • Supports health weight loss
  • Reduces food cravings
  • Discreet and convenient
  • Flavour-free and mix easily  

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