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Natural Factors Ultra-Lax is a gentle herbal laxative formula that may help improve bile circulation and relieve constipation.

Eating the correct foods and drinking plenty of water may not be enough to achieve normal bowel movements for some people experiencing constipation.

Ultra-Lax is a gentle laxative with senna, cascara sagrada, licorice root, peppermint leaves and oil, gentian root, and rhubarb root.

Traditionally, Native American tribes used cascara sagrada bark as a natural laxative. And Senna has similar properties to encourage bowel movement.

Licorice is included to help promote the digestive function. Ultra-Lax may also help soothe irritation of the bowel and promote digestion.

The suggested use for Ultra-Lax is to take one tablet at bedtime. And if you do not have a bowel movement by mid-morning the next day, take another half tablet.

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