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Upper respiratory tract health is the most frequent reason people visit their health care practitioners. Whole Earth & Sea Horseradish Respiratory Support* is an all-season formula with a unique complex of powerful botanicals that work synergistically to promote immune system activity and soothe irritated upper airway membranes.*

The natural health qualities of horseradish and garlic promote respiratory tract health.* Echinamide® is a patented extract made from hand-picked, organic echinacea, and contains its three key active compounds: alkylamides, polysaccharides, and cichoric acid. They work alongside garlic, vitamin C, and milk thistle to provide immune system support.* The mucilaginous properties of fenugreek and marshmallow soothe irritated mucous membranes, while Farm Fresh Factors™ enhances the formula.*

Each enteric-coated Pure Food Maximizer™ tablet delivers 187.5 mg of an 8:1 horseradish extract while protecting the stomach from irritation. 

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