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Why take Pearls Elite?Pearls Elite is our most potent Pearls product and offers 5 times the strength of our Probiotic Pearls Acidophilus. When taken daily, Pearls Elite provides your digestive tract with healthy bacteria to help:Support regularity*Relieve occasional bloating, constipation, and digestive discomfort and supports immune health*Promote digestive health*Pearls Elite - Designed to SurviveLike all probiotic Pearls formulas, Pearls Elite uses a unique triple-layer softgel that protects the active probiotic bacteria inside from destructive stomach acid so they survive and reach your intestine alive to help maintain digestive balance.*Convenient!Pearls Elite probiotics aren't bigger; they're smarter! Plus they're small, easy to swallow and don't require refrigeration so you can take them anywhere, anytime.