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Give your beauty a burst, with Biotin Burst Chews.

Biotin Burst Chews work to boost your inner strength and turn it into outer beauty by supporting the metabolism of proteins in the body to create natural energy. To top it all off, Biotin Bursts are also great for health hair and nails. Enjoy our snackable Biotin Bursts every day, and unleash your most beautiful you.
  • Benefits: Healthy Hair & Nails + Energy Support.Supports the metabolism of proteins in our body to create natural energy and promotes healthy hair and nails.
  • Ingredients: Biotin. A B vitamin that supports healthy hair, nails and supports energy metabolism.
  • How to Use: Biotin Chews. Take 1 chews a day for healthy hair and nails and energy support.
  • NOTE: This product is heat sensitive; during warmer months, contents may become sticky. This does not impact potency or effectiveness.

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