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Alkalize 55 is a unique plant based food and mineral supplement that promotes pH balance within the body and was designed in concert with the work of Dr Michio Kushi. It’s made from triple-fermented biodynamically-grown foods and fulvic minerals complexed with natural humic acid. Each capsule contains over 80 bioavailable trace elements, many of which are believed to be essential for optimal physical performance. Maybe you take a multivitamin, a probiotic, or other types of supplements. Truly none of them will give you the same broad range of high vibrational micro-nutrients. Alkalize 55 capsules compliment all of the above types of supplements and, in fact, are likely to make them more effective.*

About this item

  • 55+ Triple Fermented Foods: Our Alkalize 55 vegan vitamins contain over 55 biodynamic fermented super foods, which are rich in probiotic bacteria to help promote gut and immune health*
  • Contains Humic and Fulvic Acid: Alkalize 55 is also composed of both Humic and Fulvic Acids, which have been scientifically proven to carry unique health benefits, including boosting your body’s natural defense against illnesses*
  • Over 70 Trace Minerals: Humic Acid consists of many trace minerals, which are essential for our diets in small amounts to maintain our body’s healthy biologic functions; No filler minerals are added, and our product is tested to ensure its highest quality*
  • Promotes PH Balance: Diet, stress, and environmental toxins force your body to work overtime to maintain its normal PH balance; Alkalize 55 is the solution for maintaining a healthy PH balance and alkalinity despite other factors that may affect it*
  • Doctor Formulated: Alkalize 55 was formulated in part by the late Dr Michio Kushi, a pioneer in macrobiotics; Improving your body's acid-alkaline balance can promote good health, better bone density and increase mental clarity*

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